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Tribal Carbon Partners' Approach

Tribal Carbon Partners is responsible for every step in the process that leads to carbon revenues to insure each tribe receives the maximum value from their timberlands. Working with our partner, Finite Carbon, all project tasks are handled internally (other than verification, which California law requires be completed by an outside third party certified by the Air Resources Board), thereby avoiding project delays and maximizing the financial returns to the tribal landowner.

Here are the specific steps that TCP will be intimately involved in:

  • Conduct a feasibility study of the forest
  • Complete a carbon inventory of the forest
  • Select appropriate registry/protocol (e.g., ARB, CAR, ACR, or VCS)
  • Translate inventory into carbon model and management plan
  • Prepare and submit project plan to chosen carbon registry
  • Hire third-party project verifier once plan is accepted and registered
  • Submit project verification to registry and receive allocation of carbon offsets
  • Market & sell carbon offsets in our proprietary network or engage top brokers to broaden sales process